Is anxiety the reason why you feel ill?

Is anxiety the reason why you feel ill

Anxiety can manifest with a wide variety of symptoms of which many are similar to those experienced ¬†with other physical illnesses such as heart disease, lung problems, irritable bowel syndrome and even the common cold and flu. A pounding heart is a common symptom of anxiety and when it is combined with chest pain and […]

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Can I Take Anxiety Medication During Pregnancy?

Anxiety Medication During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a host of new health concerns, and for some women, an increase in anxiety. Although it’s usually a joyful event for the mother-to-be, it often brings with it an increased risk for anxiety attacks. In many situations, a visit to the doctor will leave you with a prescription for anti-anxiety medication, […]

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Obsessive Thoughts Are Like A Beehive For Anxiety

Obsessive Thoughts

Anxiety feeds off of obsessive thoughts, and they can truly be the bane of existence from the many Americans who are plagued by them. Obsessive thoughts are maleficent intruders that poison your mind and deprive you of peace, but they can be overcome. Read on to learn more about obsessive thought patterns and how they […]

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