Using a wrist band to help control your anxiety

Using a wrist band to help control your anxiety

Could the simple action of snapping a rubber band relieve your anxiety? It is indeed possible, but don’t let your expectations get too high. Snapping a rubber an on your wrist has been shown to break ongoing cycles of anxious thinking, but it’s not a total cure for what ails you. Read on to learn more about the efficacy of a simple rubber band in treating anxiety.

Using a wrist band to help control your anxietyAnxiety sufferers are people think. A lot. If you suffer from anxiety, you know what I’m talking about. Thinking the same anxious thoughts, over and over again, until they begin to spiral out of control, assuming greater proportions of terror and giving you much more agony than the situation ever warrants. It can be very difficult to break out of these thought patterns, but a simple rubber ban can be an effective aid in doing so.

This is how you can use the rubber band-when you feel those anxious thoughts coming on, simply snap the rubber band hard enough that you can feel a small amount of pain. Then, it’s time to combat that negative thinking. There are certain types of negative and unrealistic thought patterns that are so common that they have been labeled. One type of negative thinking is called magnification and minimization, and this involves magnifying the problems in your life and minimizing its positive aspects. Another type of thinking is catastrophizing, which is very common among anxiety sufferers. This is “making a mountain of a molehill” type thinking, and it exaggerates potential problems and issues in life. Whenever you identify this type of thinking, it’s important to combat it. For example, when you’re thinking catastrophically, try to view it through the eyes of an objective reporter. What is the likelihood that said event will actually happen? What is the worst scenario that could possibly happen, and is it really that bad?

The rubber band can play a vital role in this whole process because it quite literally “snaps” you out of a certain type of mindset and lets you explore another. It’s amazing how little we monitor the thoughts inside our head, and how they can run rampant while we passively sit there and suffer. The rubber band can act as a referee for these thoughts and call a “time out” when they get out of control. It’s amazing what a cheap rubber band can do, isn’t it?

Once you start breaking these thought patterns, it may be time to kick up your game plan a notch. A cognitive-behavioral therapist can assist you in learning more about these distorted thinking patterns, and provide you with even more techniques to fight them. The rubber band technique is just a taste of all the things you can learn with the assistance of a professional. Also, learning  how to meditate and employ deep breathing can also be beneficial in reducing your anxiety. These are all time-honored techniques that can pave the way for a calmer, less anxiety-ridden future.

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