Tingling Feet and Anxiety

Tingling Feet and Anxiety

Unwanted tingling of your feet as a result of anxiety can be a very annoying sensation. In other words, there is a major problem with the word “tingling.” If you hired a massage therapist and felt positive tingling when that professional was doing reflexology and massage on your feet the word would mean something pleasant. However, to have an unexpected and unwelcome tingling, numbness, triggers/spasms, or other signs of excess stress as various symptoms of anxiety is negative.

Increased Irritation

Like a self-fulfilling prophesy, once the tingling – a feeling of pins and needles going into your feet – starts, any attention paid to the irritation is likely to make it worse. The more you focus your attention/obsession on the irritation, the more intense it will become (as long as the problem is anxiety-related). That is the way this problem progresses because the underlying problem is the anxiety, not the tingling feet.

Visualize Joy

Some people have used medications to address specific symptoms of anxiety, but the results have not been as positive as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The result has been the same with tingling feet.1,2,3 A more useful approach would be to visualize the peace that will help to overcome the anxiety. You can have your feet massaged or put them into a warm bath, you can add soothing music or a meditation tape. Any or all of those might help, but for a lasting effect, ease the anxiety and the tingling will disappear.

Physical Distractions

You might find that going for a walk in the outdoors or in a heated/cooled nearly empty mall will help. Yoga or stretching exercises could help a great deal. If you enjoy swimming, tennis, basketball, jogging or other sport, try seeing if the tingling is reduced during physical activities.

Emotional Distractions

Diving into a great novel might be an outstanding way to stop the feet tingling. Another good option is meditation or a similar option: listening to soothing music. There are those who enjoy arts and crafts to relax. Anyway that you can easy the tension will likely reduce anxiety symptoms; therefore, the feet tingling.

Develop a Sense of Well-Being

In the same way that you might build a house or create a quilt, take one-step at the time. Keep a journal so that you can begin to identify what triggers the feet tingling. There is a connection between stress or anxiety and restricted circulation. Therefore, you will also want to keep a record of what seems to work best to cease the feet tingling. If you are able to track what is going on and grab what works best while also working on your emotional reactions with consistency to enable reducing the anxiety on a broader scale, the feet tingling will become a part of your health history and not a day-to-day annoyance. You can overcome this annoying symptom, but only from the top down (your mind) not from the bottom up (starting at your feet).


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