Things that make anxiety worse

Things that make anxiety worse

Many anxiety sufferers are completely unaware of the daily habits that only serve to exacerbate their anxiety symptoms. In this article, you’ll learn of a few common triggers to avoid, as well as the myriad of weapons that are at your disposal to conquer your anxiety.

Things that make anxiety worseA major problem that can halt your progress is conquering anxiety is trying to face your fears too quickly, too soon. Overcoming anxiety should be a gradual process. You can’t immediately face your fears, and trying to do so can not only leave you right back where you started, but can actually make your situation worse than what it was in the beginning.

Another problem that can halt your progress is having unrealistic expectations of therapy. The most common type of therapy for anxiety is called cognitive-behavioral therapy, and it works by retraining the brain to think in more realistic ways. For example, many anxiety sufferers have catastrophic thoughts, which, in layman’s terms, mean “making a mountain out a molehill.” Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people to identify this type of thinking and find ways to replace it with more realistic thinking. Despite a high success rate, cognitive-behavioral therapy sometimes doesn’t work because its users have unrealistic expectations. This type of therapy has to be practiced every day in order to truly “rewire” your brain and change your thinking. It takes several weeks of practice instill any type of habit, and when you consider how many years you’ve been thinking in unrealistic ways, it makes sense to have patience and not give up before its effects can be seen.

A third roadblock to recovery is the frequent use of caffeine. Many people don’t think about how silly it is to go to therapy, practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques, and consume copious amounts of caffeine, a stimulant, on a daily basis. Caffeine accelerates your heart rate and stimulates your body. Don’t you already have enough stimulation from your anxiety? Drinking caffeinated beverages can negate your hard work in trying to relax, not to mention of host of other bad health effects. Try to replace with caffeine with water and caffeine-free tea, such as chamomile tea. Chamomile has been shown to relax the body and is a soothing remedy for a stressful day at the office.

If you can eliminate these potential dangers, you’ll be well on you way to defeating anxiety. Just remember that there is nothing more important in your life right now than achieving better mental health and nothing that detracts from your goal is worth it in the long-run.

Above all, it’s important when overcoming anxiety to remove yourself from stressful situations that you don’t need to be a part of. You don’t need to take on all the problems of the world, and it’s important to know where to draw the line when dealing with anxiety. It’s time to put yourself first so you can have the best recovery possible and become a calmer, more focused person.


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