The  5 Ways to get rid of Nausea related to Anxiety

The 5 Ways to get rid of Nausea related to Anxiety

Anxiety is an invasive condition that can affect your physical, emotional and mental health and well being.  In order to treat your anxiety it is important to develop a set of strategies to deal with the symptoms it produces.

Nausea (feeling sick) is a common sign that we are feeling anxious.  You may or may not be sick, but the butterflies in your stomach will be doing a jig!  It is a normal response to everyday stress and strain.  Who hasn’t felt sick before an interview or important meeting?

It is only when these symptoms happen more frequently that you may be showing signs of excessive anxiety.  Constant nausea can have a real impact on how you live your life.  Today’s busy life can feel impossible if you are constantly suffering with attacks of nausea.  Nausea related to anxiety can be unpredictable which leads to disruption of home and work life if left untreated.

If you understand the causes of your symptoms it is far easier to find effective treatment and return to normal life once more.  As always it is important that any ongoing problems are discussed with a family physician to exclude any other causes.

When we are anxious our brain enters the “fight or flight” mode.  The blood flow within our bodies changes, allowing more blood to be pumped to muscles so that we can “run away” or “fight”.  As it does this less blood flows to our stomach.  The stomach is where we digest our food.  It produces acids and enzymes to help digestion which are at finely balanced levels.

When stress hormones are released your stomach produces higher levels of acid and lower levels of enzymes.  Not a good combination!  Your stressed tummy will now begin to ache, you may feel sick or experience spasms.  Nutrients from food are not absorbed as efficiently and the appetite can also decrease.  Muscle tension in your stomach can also increase, adding to the ache.

If left untreated it is common for anxiety sufferers to be diagnosed with conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis which can have a serious impact on long term health.  Take the following 4 steps to reduce your Anxiety related Nausea.

  1.  Although it is unpleasant the Nausea that you are suffering is only a side effect of the real issue.  The feeling itself can be dealt with by use of OTC medicines such as “Peptobismol” or “Tums”.  These should only be used on occasion and not considered as a long term remedy.  Herbal remedies are also available for nausea in Health shops.
  2. Make sure that you are eating and drinking little and often.  Water in sips can help when feeling sick.  Anxiety related Nausea is far worse on an empty stomach so a light meal will help even if you don’t feel like eating.  Regular eating is the key to reducing the symptoms.
  3. If Nausea begins try deep breathing or Meditation to relax your body and mind.  why not sign up for Yoga?  Yoga tackles the physical symptoms and the psychological cause of the Nausea – Anxiety.
  4.  Your Anxiety needs tackling.  Go out into the fresh air and do some walking, jogging, climbing! If unable to do so sit outside and read a book.  Studies have shown that regular exercise (particularly outdoors) reduces anxiety levels in suffers as effectively as certain medications.
  5. Another Anxiety buster; fun.  You need to enjoy yourself.  If able to go out and see people, socialize and relax.  If you enjoy a particular hobby do some of that!

You can reduce your Nausea by following the five steps, tackle the anxiety underlying the sickness to achieve a real improvement in both your physical and emotional well being.

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