Read This If You Worry About Anxiety-Related Sleep Problems

Anxiety-Related Sleep Problems

Sleep is a vital component of an anxiety-fighting endeavor, yet it’s one of the first victims every time anxiety rears its ugly head. You don’t have to feel defeated by an endless cycle of anxiety and lack of sleep, as this article will show you how to lessen your feelings of anxiety while getting more […]

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Is anxiety the reason why you feel ill?

Is anxiety the reason why you feel ill

Anxiety can manifest with a wide variety of symptoms of which many are similar to those experienced  with other physical illnesses such as heart disease, lung problems, irritable bowel syndrome and even the common cold and flu. A pounding heart is a common symptom of anxiety and when it is combined with chest pain and […]

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What is an Anxiety Disorder?

What is an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is a prolonged exaggerated state of fear or alertness which is not triggered by a real threat. It can lead to avoidance behavior in which you choose to avoid people, places or circumstances that you feel threatened by. The difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorder is that normal anxiety disappears as soon […]

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When does anxiety chest pain become dangerous?


Having a heart attack is a frightening thought. It is therefore understandable that if you experience any discomfort in your chest you may consider the possibility of a heart attack. The truth is that many other conditions such as indigestion and anxiety may cause similar chest symptoms. How should you then know whether your chest […]

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