Sore Muscles Caused By Anxiety

Sore Muscles Caused By Anxiety

Anxiety can be one of the biggest tension causing events to our bodies. The minute you feel an attack coming on, you immediately tense your muscles. This is the “fight or flight” response and you are ready to run from something you fear. This can lead to muscle soreness, aches and pains. You can find relief from the pain caused by anxiety with a little work.

Sore Muscles Caused By AnxietySore muscles due to anxiety, happens when the stress chemicals reach the muscles and tell them to contract. It is actually one of the major anxiety symptoms, although not everyone experiences it. If you are one of the people that experience sore muscles with anxiety, it can be treated right along with the anxiety attacks.

Muscle soreness and anxiety can be a cycle for anxiety sufferers. Many people can have anxiety from the pain of a disorder such as; arthritis, fibromyalgia and back problems. They suffer the pain, then the anxiety, and then the anxiety causes them more pain. Or, there is the group of people that have anxiety first and then the muscle tension and then more anxiety. However it starts, it can lead anxiety sufferers down a miserable path.

Sore muscles and pain with anxiety is not hopeless. It can be treated with a little work. Many people suffer they may become addicted to pain medications. The good news is that treatments for pain related to anxiety usually do not include pain medications at all. They often don’t work and treating the anxiety promptly helps to relieve any associated pain. Also, for people who suffer anxiety as a result of painful conditions, treating the anxiety helps them deal with the pain better.

When you have sore muscles and co-existing anxiety, seeking treatment for the anxiety first is the biggest most-effective pain reliever there is. Studies have shown that using effective treatment measures for anxiety can bring pain relief just as fast as strong narcotic medications. Sometimes, people who have become dependent on narcotic pain medications benefit from non-medical approaches to pain relief. These can include; acupuncture, massage meditation and yoga. Deep breathing, visual imagery and aromatherapy have also been found to be very helpful.

The next time you feel anxiety and your muscles tense up, try relaxation exercises for relief. Tense each muscle group in your body and then release. You will find that you can consciously relax any muscles that tense-up during an anxiety attack. Soon you will find your anxiety related pain getting less and less.

No need to suffer from anxiety related sore muscles. Once you get a handle on the anxiety and start to relax your tense and tired muscles, you will notice a big improvement.


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