Soothe Anxiety And Your Bladder

Soothe Anxiety And Your Bladder

One of the most embarrassing issues with anxiety is loss of bladder and/or bowel control. Sudden anxiety will sometimes have you running for the bathroom in the middle of important things like; a new date, your children’s performances, a meeting with your boss and crowded shopping malls. For some, this is the only anxiety symptom and it’s certainly inconvenient at times.

Soothe Anxiety And Your BladderAnxiety affects the nervous system and the nervous system controls the urge to urinate. There has been a clear relationship found in studies that show anxiety provoking situations affect levels of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence and bladder problems can be the cause of anxiety; so if you experience both it soon becomes a vicious cycle.

The key is control anxiety first and the bladder issues will hopefully subside. Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight so what can you do in the meantime. It does take a reasonable amount of time to bring anxiety under control, but sometimes your bladder cannot wait.

While you are still experiencing high levels of anxiety, make sure that you are always close to a bathroom. Take the time to plan trips so that a bathroom will be available after short periods of time. When in a public place, make note of where the restrooms are first. This will help you avoid anxiety at trying to find the closest restroom.

Under no circumstances should you ever limit fluids to avoid trips to the bathroom. Many people who experience bladder trouble with anxiety will try to limit fluids; this is very unsafe and unhealthy. The best option is the above, know where bathrooms are.

When you feel anxiety coming on, but you have already been to the restroom, remind yourself that you may not have to use the restroom again. If you have not used the restroom in a while, do not withhold going, this can predispose you to urinary tract infections.

If your anxiety is pretty severe, the bathroom may offer you a quiet place to get over your anxiety attack. Remember, as the anxiety attacks lessen your trips to the restroom may lessen as well. While you are there, practice your positive thoughts, deep breathing and visual imagery.

Just remember that if your nervous system is revved up due to anxiety your bladder may be very sensitive to this. Give yourself time to recover from the anxiety and your bladder will follow suit.


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