Reduce Anxiety And Overcome Extreme Fatigue

Reduce Anxiety And Overcome Extreme Fatigue

People who suffer from anxiety are constantly feeling “keyed-up.” Symptoms can often cause the body to become easily and severely fatigued. Anxiety attacks that occur during sleep can also cause fatigue, due to the fact that the attacks keep you awake. Anxiety can make you tired and feeling tired can cause more anxiety. Before you know it you are stuck in a horrific cycle.

Reduce Anxiety And Overcome Extreme FatigueThe only answer is to first attack the main issue: anxiety. Reducing anxiety can help the body relax and rest. Once that happens and fatigue levels drop, the anxiety attacks will begin to dissipate. Fatigue and anxiety go hand in hand, but just don’t mix well. When your body is fatigued, you don’t feel well. When you don’t feel well, you become anxious that something is physically wrong. You will soon find that not even extra rest helps. How can it when your body itself inside is stuck on overdrive.

There is hope. You can overcome the fatigue of anxiety by overcoming the anxiety itself. This is a process and can take a little time. Soon, you will find yourself feeling more energy. Here are a few things to help you reduce anxiety and overcome any associated fatigue. Some may even surprise you:

Give yourself an anxiety break. Set aside a certain time every day that you allow yourself to worry, focus on what is causing your anxiety and face the attacks. A lot of times we push aside things that trouble us and hold them in. What we don’t realize is even if we choose to not think about something, it still affects us. Giving your anxieties a time that you address them will help reduce attacks by keeping them from knocking on the door of your conscience wanting out. If you learn to approach anxiety first, it won’t sneak up and surprise you. Begin to replace any negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Get plenty of exercise. It is a surprising fact that exercise can help reduce anxiety AND the fatigue that goes with it. For one, anxiety chemicals are burned off out of the bloodstream by exercise. Second, exercise can help the body release calming chemicals known as; endorphins. Even though cardio revs you up, eventually it will calm you down. It is a double-edged sword against anxiety.

Have your blood sugar checked. This is another surprising thing to many people. One of the main symptoms of blood sugar levels that are either too high or too low is anxiety. Some people find that eating a simple snack of carbohydrates and protein at the onset of a snack reduces the anxiety and combats extreme fatigue. Use this technique only if you have been found to have fluctuating blood sugar levels by a physician. Some people who use this tend to gain weight. This happens because carbohydrates help our bodies regulate serotonin levels, which is a naturally occurring mood regulator in the body.

Use some calming herbs to facilitate good sleep. If you find that your sleep is disrupted due to anxiety, help yourself sleep better naturally. Using some melatonin at bedtime and even a cup of warm chamomile tea can help your body rest properly. Melatonin has less incidence of sleep aid “hangover” and many people report waking up feeling refreshed from their sleep.

Reducing anxiety to help overcome extreme fatigue takes a little work and is a process. It is all about breaking the cycles that keep you feeling keyed-up and tired all at the same time. It is understandable that things like exercise when you’re feeling down seem like a huge mountain to climb, but once you reach the top you will begin to feel better again. Take time for yourself, take time to allow yourself to face your anxiety. Before you know it, your energy levels will return to normal and you will be living life again.


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