Natural and Herbal Anti-Anxiety Supplements

Natural and Herbal Anti-Anxiety Supplements

Nature provides some great remedies for anxiety that are easy on the body and non-addictive. These natural and herbal supplements can help to calm anxiety attacks and improve your health. With natural techniques and supplements you will always have just what you need for anxiety, right at your fingertips.

Natural and Herbal Anti-Anxiety SupplementsNatural supplements for anxiety are essential vitamins and minerals that help the body to cope with stress better. These are vitamins that are present in the foods that we eat every day, but due to poor diets we often do not get enough of them. Here is a list of natural supplements that can help to reduce anxiety:

Vitamin C – The adrenal glands release adrenaline, a main chemical in anxiety. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the adrenal glands and regulate the production of adrenaline. This can actually help to calm the body.

Vitamin B – Vitamin B helps the body deal better with stress. The nervous system needs plenty of B vitamins and this can help to reduce lactate in the body, a key hormone that causes anxiety attacks.

Magnesium – Magnesium can help to relax the muscles in the body and reduce nervous tension. Magnesium can also help irregular heartbeats that are often felt with anxiety.

Potassium – This mineral also helps to strengthen the adrenal glands and reduce anxiety levels.

Zinc – Zinc has a natural sedative like effect on the body and can help keep you calmer.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps to oxygenate the body and the brain. Oxygen is known to be a natural anxiety relief chemical.

Calcium – Many times, anxiety attacks can be attributed to low calcium levels in the blood. Calcium is not just for the bones, but plays a large role in nervous system operations. Calcium calms tense muscles. Regulates the heart and promotes healthy brain function.

Sometimes, just getting enough of the proper natural vitamins and minerals can stop anxiety attacks. If anxiety is still a problem after a change in diet, there are several herbal remedies that can help anxiety. Here is a list of herbal anxiety supplements:

Chamomile – This is one of the most popular herbal remedies for anxiety. Drank in tea form or taken in pill form, it acts very quickly to relieve anxiety. This herb does cause mild drowsiness, so it is best used at bedtime.

Kava Kava – Kava is another popular herbal anxiety supplement. It helps to calm and sedate brain activity, but can actually increase cognitive function. This herb needs to be used cautiously due to the effects on the liver.

Passionflower – Taken in tea or tincture form, this herb helps to calm anxiety attacks. It is generally safe if used as directed, but can interact with prescription medications.

Valerian – Valerian root works to increase a natural chemical in the brain called GABA that has a calming effect. It is taken in tea or tincture form. This herb can interact with prescription medications, so check with your doctor prior to use.

Lavender – Using lavender as an essential oil can help soothe nerves. Just a drop is placed on a cloth and breathed in. You can also place a few drops on a pillow case to promote calm sleep.

Lemon Balm – This herb is often used in combination with chamomile to help increase the anti-anxiety effects. This drug may interact with sedatives and thyroid medications.

Peppermint – This herb does have the potential to be a stimulant, but has been shown to possible help anxiety that comes on with depression. Use cautiously because of the risk of overstimulation. It can also help stomach disorders that are brought on by anxiety.

It is important to know that herbs have not been widely studied for the treatment of anxiety by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, personal reports do show that natural treatments often work just as well as prescription medications. The good news is natural and herbal treatments are generally safe and non-addictive. As with any herbal supplement, it is important to check with your doctor if you are on any prescription medications.


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