How To Stop Severe Anxiety Disorder

How To Stop Severe Anxiety Disorder

Severe anxiety disorder can be a disabling condition. People who suffer from the severe form of anxiety may be bedridden, stay in their homes and withdraw from the normal activities of daily life. When anxiety is this serious, it needs serious treatment. Sometimes this isn’t always the case.

How To Stop Severe Anxiety DisorderMake note that there are times when severe anxiety is actually a signal or changing point in someone’s life that should not be lessened. Things like; needing to change a threatening situation, letting go of something and feeling uncomfortable, anxiety that occurs with growth and also anxiety that we pick up from those around us.

When severe anxiety is not attributed to any of the above, we need to address and treat it to improve our quality of life. Below are a few techniques that can help stop severe anxiety in its tracks and help us to deal with it more effectively.

The key is to bring anxiety to a controllable level, so that we can rationalize that it is only a feeling. It is important to stay calm, which is a very difficult thing to do when faced with severe anxiety. We need to learn to reason with ourselves and understand what causes anxiety to spin out of control.

Stop the negative thoughts in their tracks. When anxiety becomes severe the negative thoughts spiral out of control. To help bring severe anxiety under control, learn how to stop any negative thoughts about how you’re feeling. Try to catch it when you first notice the attack coming on. For instance; when your heart starts to race and you become short of breath, do not allow yourself to think that something is horribly wrong. If you have been evaluated by a doctor and found to be in perfect health, it is only an emotion and not a physical illness.

Learn how to control worry. Worry can be a healthy emotion. It can help us keep our lives together and in order. But when worry spirals out of control and we worry too much, anxiety can peak to intolerable levels. We can only do so much in life and there are things in life that we have no control over, even if we worry we cannot change some things. Coming to acceptance of this fact can help calm severe anxiety.

Remove anything that is over-stimulating you. You’re worried about something and your stressed about getting things done; then to top it all off you have every light and T.V. in the house on. Over-stimulation can make anxiety soar through your emotional threshold and go from mild to severe in minutes. Then you enter that endless cycle that any stimulation on your nervous system triggers an attack. To regain control; turn lights of, turn T.V.’s off and excuse yourself for a few quiet minutes until the attack subsides. During periods of severe anxiety, try to keep your environment as calm and quiet as possible.

Learn deep breathing exercises. It is a proven fact that oxygen is a powerful anti-anxiety relief substance and it’s all natural, free and easy to find. Paramedics have found that when they get a call from someone having a severe anxiety attack and the patient thinks they are having a heart attack, the supplemental oxygen they use per protocol actually cures the attack altogether.

Lastly, learn to face your anxiety head-on. Once you have regained some control, you will then begin to approach your anxiety instead of it approaching you. When you feel an attack coming on, you will soon learn to stop whatever you are doing and spend some time with your anxiety attack. You will learn to quietly calm yourself quickly and the attacks will soon dissipate. It works like this: When you feel an attack coming on, sit down and take a few slow deep breaths. Tell the attack “hello.” Tell the attack that you understand what it is and that it is just a feeling. Have a nice little talk with it and let the anxiety know that it does not scare you. Anxiety does not like to be friends with anyone and once it realizes that you are not afraid, it will leave for good.

After you have regained some measure of control over your attacks, you can then begin easy techniques to stop the attacks for good. You will be able to use measures to stop an attack as soon as you feel it and they will soon become less and less. It is mostly about not giving anxiety control over your life. It is about gaining control over the anxiety.


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