How To Stop Dizziness Caused By Anxiety

Anxiety can be very scary, but in fact is a normal reaction to stress. Our feelings of apprehension, dread, or uneasiness are common feelings to scar us into action. Cause for concern begins when we are feeling a panic feeling in a situation that is not typical. Normally, a cause for fear has an outside stimulus. That is when our emotions tell us to run. If there is no threat, a “run” response is called a disorder: an action that is not justified by what is going on outside the person experiencing the behaviors. One of the symptoms of anxiety can be dizziness.1

The main problem with feeling dizzy is a complete lack of control may occur. You may feel faint, have an inability to keep your balance, or be totally incapacitated (vertigo). Slight dizziness and you may still be able to walk or drive, but not with extreme dizziness. The name used for severe dizziness is vertigo.

The fantastic news is that dizziness is rarely a sign of a life-threatening disease. When it is the result of anxiety, the treatment is not focused on the dizziness, but on the anxiety, depression, or other behavioral challenges that are causing the dizziness. When you become relaxed and confident again, the dizziness will also cease. Isn’t that great news?

Overcoming anxiety and therefore, dizziness may be as simple as listening to soft music while being supported by a lounge chair or a couch. There are other means to calm your stresses, but among the easiest is to listen to relaxing music.

There are four basic categories for overcoming anxiety:

  • The first is herbal, nutritional or homeopathic.
  • The second set includes physical treatments.
  • The third involves lifestyle changes.
  • And the final one is dietary. 2

Joyfully, the most effective are relaxation, reading books that help the victim to learn to cope, or exercise. These noninvasive techniques are easy and cost almost nothing. The next step is to massage, music, meditation, or acupuncture. The ones that require a professional will require a financial investment in your health. The best options do not involve the use of medications. There is evidence that the side effects of chemical intervention cause more problems than what is to be cured. Trusting your body, mind, and spirit (self-confidence) to be able to overcome the effects of anxiety is by far the best approach for long lasting relief.3

Probiotics have been used to treat anxiety. This marvelous dietetic intervention also offers a wealth of other benefits. Probiotics are a nutritional powerhouse. They have been used as a “fill-in” for any number of diseases and discomforts from obesity to malnutrition. The concentrated elements found in probiotics allow your body to grab what is needed to make sure there are no nutritional gaps causing the dizziness. This is the easiest first step to overcoming dizziness caused by anxiety. Probiotics are an easily available food supplement.


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