How to relieve shaking caused by anxiety

How to relieve shaking caused by anxiety

Anxiety manifests in many unpleasant ways of which shaking is just one. Shaking or tremors are caused by a disturbance in the gasses in your blood.

How to relieve shaking caused by anxietyDuring a panic or anxiety attack you may find that you are hyperventilating. This basically means that you are over breathing or taking in more oxygen than you should and that the carbon dioxide level in your blood is too low leading to your blood becoming more alkaline. Your muscles respond to this abnormal pH levels by either feeling numb or shaking.

The fastest way to relieve the symptom of shaking or tremor is to restore the carbon dioxide in your blood to its normal level. You can do this by breathing into your cupped hands so that you inhale carbon dioxide together with oxygen. You can even prevent the tremors or shaking associated with a panic attack. When you feel an attack coming concentrate on slow, deep and relaxed breathing. This will not only relieve the symptom of shaking but may avert an attack altogether.

The shaking and tremors associated with anxiety may be due to an overstimulated nervous system. You can relieve these by avoiding stimulants like caffeine found in coffee, black tea, soft drinks and chocolate. Getting rid of the excess of stress hormones in your body can further help give your nerves a rest. Exercise is a great way of doing this and sometimes just moving the shaking hand or foot can help to relieve the tremor in it.

Tremors or shaking are made worse by fatigue so a good night’s sleep is crucial. Being well rested will not only help with the tremors but will help you to cope better with anxiety. Try a soothing drink like chamomile tea or warm milk before bed time to help you sleep better.

Meditation, deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation techniques are all ways in which you can reduce stress and combat anxiousness.

If you are prone to shaking and it is worsened by anxiety wearing a heavy watch or a heavy bracelet can help to stabilize the tremors in your hands and make them less noticeable.

To be rid of all the horrible symptoms associated with anxiety you should seriously consider getting help for your anxiety. No more anxiety <= >no more symptoms.

Psychotherapy and especially cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT has been widely used with great success in the permanent alleviation of anxiety. Its aim is to help you change your way of perceiving stressful events as well as teaching you crucial stress coping techniques. All it will take from your part is a bit of dedication and a will to be permanently cured.


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