How to Ease Headaches Caused by Anxiety

How to Ease Headaches Caused by Anxiety

Anxiety can cause enough emotional stress and physical tension to develop in your body, that result in head ache. We know that there are minor, annoying pains that occur in your head and then there are the really big headaches like migraines. The range between the two degrees of discomfort is wide. The pain may be throbbing, stabbing, burning, crushing, blinding, or otherwise described. It might be on one side of the head or both, in the temples, on top of the head, or behind the neck. Regardless of how you describe the pain, any pain is less than acceptable with the job of getting on with life, all any individual afflicted with a headache wants is for the pain to stop.

Down and Out

One way to recover from a headache is to lie down. There are several options that will help the act of lying down to be even more effective.

Cold Therapy

One choice is to put a cold pack on the back of the neck, the temples, or the brow depending on what the most discomfort is. Some people have found that a cool wet cloth across both eyes is the most helpful. The cold and damp may ease stress, restrict blood vessels, ease heat caused by stress, or simply be soothing from some other reason.

Artificial Heat

As odd as it might sound, there are topical rubs designed to shrink for hemorrhoids (constrict the blood flow) that help many people with headaches. It is placed on the temples, brow or back of the neck. A great deal of care must be applied to keep this topical cream from getting into the eyes. Other people have used some topical creams made for sore muscles and had the same outcome – relief of headache pain. The heat may ease the stress of feeling chilled, increase blood flow, raise the body temperature, or simply be soothing for an unknown reason.

Don’t Fear the Dark

Sitting or lying down in the dark can be a good way to get rid of a headache. This is especially true with a migraine headache. A migraine headache typically is worse if there is any light passing toward the victim. However, even less severe headaches seem to ease when in the dark.

Sooth Your Ears

Listening to very soft, slow, soothing music can go a long way to easing a headache. The meditative effect of the right music often produces a relaxing effect that reduces headache pain.

Float Awhile

Allowing the entire anxious body to float (alone) in a swimming pool, a hot tub, or a deep bathtub can be a real pain reliever. The mild movement, temperate/hot/warm water temperature, and quiet blend to create a relaxing situation that can give a person the ease that is needed to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain in the head.

Breathe Deeply

Meditation and yoga positioning are both a form of gentle movement, deep breathing, and mind relaxing techniques that work for many people to ease stress. The secondary result is a reduction in headache pain. The additional oxygen often eases stress, enriches blood flow to the brain, may change the chemistry make-up in the brain, may be associated with a fond memory, or simply be relaxing for some other reason.

Inhale the Fragrance

Aromatherapy has been used for years to reduce stress. The victim will inhale a smell that is both relaxing to the anxiety and distracting from the pain. For many people, finding the right odor is the answer to headache pain.

Call A Professional

A massage therapist, trigger point therapist, or acupuncturist who knows the right techniques for relaxing the head, neck, and shoulders can do wonders for headache pain. Some therapists are better at easing headaches than others, so check out several until you find one who eases your distress the most effectively.

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