How To Cope With Anxiety

How To Cope With Anxiety

The last thing and anxiety sufferer knows: is how to cope with it. Anxiety attacks can make any rhyme or reason just fly out the window and it is very easy to lose control. Successfully coping with anxiety takes time and patience. There are several techniques that can help you cope with anxiety and lessen the severity of the attacks.

How To Cope With AnxietyWhen an anxiety attack surfaces, you feel like you want to run away from it. But you find yourself stuck in the middle of a swirling cloud of terror and fear. The only choice you have is to wait it out. While you are waiting for the attack to subside, try some of these techniques to help calm your mind:

Stop whatever you are doing. Overstimulation stimulates anxiety. If you are driving, pull over. If you are walking, sit down for a minute. Your nerves will make it very hard to do this, but it will shorten the attack.

Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Whenever negative or scary thoughts enter your mind, replace them with something positive. Especially health related thoughts.

Practice deep breathing. Oxygen is one of the single most effective anti-anxiety treatments and it’s free. Slow breathing will prevent hyperventilation. Sit down and take some slow deep breaths at a count of about 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out.

Visualize a serene and peaceful place. Close your eyes for a minute and picture a serene landscape such as; a warm sandy beach, mountain streams, calm waves or the starry night sky. Picture yourself in one of those places.

Clear your mind of all thoughts. This is probably the hardest thing to do during an anxiety attack, but can be really effective in coping with anxiety. Lie quietly and anytime a thought enters your mind, send it back out until all you see is a blank screen. This helps to clear any mental overstimulation that triggers anxiety.

Call someone during an attack. A very effective coping technique is to call a trusted friend or family member during an anxiety attack. Explain to them that you are having an anxiety attack and have them “talk” you through the attack. They can either talk about unrelated topics or give you emotional support to help ease your fears.

With the right tools, you can better cope with anxiety while you are working on getting rid of anxiety attacks. These tools will also help you deal with anxiety better once the attacks are gone. Using effective tools will also prevent full-blown anxiety attacks in the future and help you be more at ease when anxiety sets in.


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