Counter Anxiety To Overcome Slurred Speech

Counter Anxiety To Overcome Slurred Speech

Slurred speech and other speech difficulties are a common problem with anxiety. Many people find whether in a crowd of people, speaking to a crowd of people or even one-on-one conversation can be very difficult for anxiety sufferers. It is an embarrassing situation and many people can withdraw and become very quiet due to the condition.

Counter Anxiety To Overcome Slurred SpeechSpeech difficulties can be caused by many things related to anxiety. The actual attack may make it feel very hard to speak. Medications that have sedative effects can cause slurred speech. Some people have anxiety at the thought of speaking to a crowd of people.

Whether you are speaking to one or one-hundred, you can overcome anxiety in order to speak correctly. It just takes a little time and patience. Practicing some helpful techniques will have you chatting away in no time.

Slurred speech and anxiety is a form of “social anxiety disorder” and it can be terrifying. Anxiety sufferers often spend a lot of time alone so they just don’t have to speak. Slurred speech can be embarrassing. There are a few techniques that can help to reduce anxiety levels and keep speech clear.

Before contact with people, visualize good conversations. Think about the things you would like to talk about with others. Even if it is just the weather, do some research and be knowledgeable about what you have to say.

Practice deep breathing before going into social or speaking situations. Take five or ten minutes to collect your thoughts, meditate and breathe. The extra oxygen will help to calm the anxiety down. Also, when you are talking to people remember to breathe. When we are nervous, we tend to hold our breath.

When involved in conversation or public speaking, speak slowly. Try to slow your thoughts down. If you are giving a speech, make notes. If you are involved in one-on-one conversation, do a lot of listening and while you are listening just think about your answer or comments. Trying to speak too fast will jumble your speech, cause you to slur your words and even make you transpose or use the wrong words.

Often with this issue, people will have a hard time finding the right words. Especially if this is a side-effect of anti-anxiety medication you will notice increased problems with memory. Try to picture the words in your mind. Keep conversations simple and to the point and you will have a much easier time.

The best way to counter speaking problems with anxiety is to take things slow. The symptom does eventually clear up as anxiety clears up. Soon, you will find yourself at ease in many social situations, speaking clearly and enjoying yourself.


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