Understanding Psychosis Disorder: Anxiety vs. Psychotic Behavior

People with mental health conditions usually end up being seen as “crazy.” It’s no wonder people don’t want to be associated with any mental disorder. Since anxiety usually comes with symptoms similar to those patients with mental problems and significant behavioral changes, people usually think of it as one of the types of psychosis disorder. […]

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Nervous Anxiety Disorder What Is It and How To Deal With It

It does not take a major event to feel nervous. There are times when you feel nervous because you’re worried about what might happen in the future. You feel it when you’re thinking about your loved ones. You’re nervous when you feel unsafe. You feel the same way when it’s socially awkward to handle yourself. […]

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Anxiety Chest Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Anxiety Chest Pain: Is It A Heart Attack? While anxiety is often associated with its mental symptoms, the physical symptoms can cause the most distress to the person suffering from it. One of the most alarming symptoms of anxiety is chest pain, and it makes sense, since chest pain is closely related and associated to […]

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Read This If You Worry About Anxiety-Related Sleep Problems

Anxiety-Related Sleep Problems

Sleep is a vital component of an anxiety-fighting endeavor, yet it’s one of the first victims every time anxiety rears its ugly head. You don’t have to feel defeated by an endless cycle of anxiety and lack of sleep, as this article will show you how to lessen your feelings of anxiety while getting more […]

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Is anxiety the reason why you feel ill?

Is anxiety the reason why you feel ill

Anxiety can manifest with a wide variety of symptoms of which many are similar to those experienced  with other physical illnesses such as heart disease, lung problems, irritable bowel syndrome and even the common cold and flu. A pounding heart is a common symptom of anxiety and when it is combined with chest pain and […]

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