Can anxiety cause you to see spots

Can anxiety cause you to see spots?

Anxiety is known to manifest in a great variety of physical ways and seeing spots is just another one of these.

Can anxiety cause you to see spotsWhen you suffer from anxiety your body is constantly flushed with stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. One of the effects of these hormones is that they increase the amount of glucose in your blood so that your muscles may have enough energy to fight of or run away from whatever you feel threatened by. Having constantly raised blood glucose levels are not good for you, so your body clears up the excess of glucose which leads to a sudden drop in your blood sugar. This condition is known as hypoglycemia and it may cause you to see dark spots or experience blurred vision. What makes this whole scenario even worse is that another symptom of hypoglycemia is anxiety. So basically anxiety fuels hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia fuels anxiety!

Another unpleasant effect of anxiety is tension headaches, which in some cases may be so severe that they can become migraines. Usually seeing spots is an indication of an approaching headache or migraine.

The spots that you see as a result of anxiety may be caused by some other potentially life threatening condition, so it is always wise to report any new, unknown symptom to you doctor first before assuming that it is anxiety related.

If you are indeed suffering from anxiety seeing spots may be just another one of its unpleasant symptoms disrupting your life. The wrong way to go about the problem is to become more anxious about it. Doing that will only increase the symptoms or the severity of the symptoms you experience. The root of the problem is after all anxiety, so the best way to deal with the symptoms is to tackle anxiety first.

It has been proven that avoiding whatever makes you anxious will only enhance your anxiousness, since it then confirms that anxiety is a problem you are not capable of dealing with, so it is best to avoid it. This is an absolute lie and will not help you at all, but instead only make matters worse. Confronting your anxiety and with it everything that makes you anxious is the only true and permanent solution. It will empower you to face any challenge no matter how big and improve your self esteem knowing that you have overcome a serious but treatable condition.

There are many alternatives to medication and some have even been proven to be just as or even more effective in most cases. One of these treatment options is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The program can teach you new ways of viewing the situations, places or people that make you anxious. Learning stress management skills is just another way of ensuring that when a stressful situation comes knocking at your door, that you will be more than ready to deal with it.

In the mean time reducing stress is a good idea. Relaxation exercises such as yoga can help you to be more at ease. Some small studies have shown that the herb chamomile can relieve anxiety over the short term and it is widely available in the form of chamomile tea.

You were meant to be the master of your own life and not a slave to anxiety. All it will take is some time and patience but you can be the person you want to be and go wherever you want to go without anxiety keeping you in a cage.


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