Is Anxiety Causing Your Swollen Lymph Node Pain? Seven Ways to Stop It

Is Anxiety Causing Your Swollen Lymph Node Pain Seven Ways to Stop It

Suffering from anxiety is tough enough. But when you also experience the pain of swollen lymph nodes, that can certainly add to your physical and emotional discomfort. Not only that,the feeling of swollen lymph nodes can be downright scary for some people, especially those with anxiety. It’s no wonder, since some anxious people have a […]

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Is Anxiety Wreaking Havoc on Your Stomach?


If you are experiencing stomach pain due to anxiety, you are not alone. You may not realize it, but stomach pain due to anxiety and stress is very common. How anxiety causes stomach pain Anxiety can disrupt your gastrointestinal system and cause stomach pain in the following ways: Heartburn or acid reflux1 When you are […]

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