Are you anxious and restless

Are you anxious and restless?

Restlessness is one of many symptoms associated with anxiety. It is also one of the symptoms which can actually worsen anxiety.

Are you anxious and restlessRestlessness is an inability to relax and it can be accompanied by other symptoms such as irritability, confusion and tension. What makes it even worse is that people who are restless may find it difficult to fall or stay asleep. If you are tired from a lack of sleep you will probably find that you are even more anxious about your ability, or rather inability to cope with all your responsibilities. In this way anxiety feeds restlessness and restlessness feeds anxiety.

Restlessness may be a symptom of an underlying illness such as an overactive thyroid so it is best to have it checked out by your physician.

Anxiety does not need to be a permanent part of your life. The best way to treat the symptoms caused by anxiety is to treat the anxiety first. Once your anxiety is resolved the symptoms will disappear all by themselves.

There are many, non prescription type of treatments available for treating anxiety. The treatment type which has shown the most benefit over the long term so far is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. During the sessions you will be aided in learning better ways to deal with stress, which is something that none of us can avoid. Other treatment options such as biofeedback or emotional freedom technique can be combined with CBT to even further improve the outcome.

Ways in which you can help yourself to relax is through changes in your lifestyle, such as an increase in physical activity or by allocating yourself some “me” time in which you can do things you enjoy such as art, dancing, sport, reading and so forth. Relaxation exercises such as deep breathing techniques or progressive muscle relaxation exercises can further lower your stress levels and help to reduce your anxiety.

Dietary changes can be especially helpful in relieving the symptom of restlessness. Avoiding caffeine which is a strong stimulant is a very effective way of improving restlessness. Remember that caffeine is not only contained in coffee, but also in cola’s and chocolates. Taking a vitamin B6 supplement can be helpful.

Try to keep the environment around you calm so that you are not over stimulated by loud sounds, strong smells or vibrant and busy furniture or decorations. Light and darkness can help to reset the chemicals in your brain. During the day you should try to be in sufficiently lit areas.  At night your bedroom should be as dark as possible. Even if you don’t always feel like it, try to get plenty of sleep as this will not only help treat your anxiety but also your restlessness.

If so many others have been able to beat anxiety, then you can too. It will take some time, a bit of effort and a lot of patience but you can have the life you have always dreamed of.


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