Anxiety can cause a low libido

Anxiety can cause a low libido

Anxiety can occur in response to either a specific stressful situation or chronic stress. We all know how tiring and all-consuming stress can be. Now wonder that you can’t wait to hit the sheets at night…for a snooze. A low sex drive is a common side effect of stress and consequently it is also common in anxiety.

Anxiety can cause a low libidoThe main reason why experts believe that people who suffer from anxiety are not as interested in sex is because of fatigue. If you feel constantly tired you will not be in the mood for any activity, and that includes sexual activity. Any anxiety sufferer can tell you that anxiety frequently presents with chronic tiredness and a general lack of energy.

Unfortunately, knowing the reason behind your lack of sexual desire will not necessarily make it easier to deal with. Perhaps you should consider the fact that you are not suffering alone. Your partner may feel that they are the reason behind your low sex drive which in turn can make them feel anxious too. This in turn can cause tension in your relationship which can increase not only your stress and anxiety levels but his or hers too.

This does not need to be the end of the road for your relationship. If anxiety is the thief in the night that robs you of your sexual desire you should know that it can be beaten. It has been beaten by many people before you and it will be beaten by many people long after you have forgotten about it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy that has been proven to be very effective in the long term eradication of anxiety. I know that you are problem sighing, thinking that now you have yet another appointment to keep, but remember that you are not just doing it for yourself. You are doing it for the person you love too. It will take approximately 8 weeks and it may change your life forever. What is 8 weeks compared to the rest of your life?

Some small changes in your diet can also make a huge difference. When you are tired you can probably not wait to get your hands around, yet another, cup of coffee. Caffeine is however a powerful stimulant, that is why you feel more alert after drinking coffee, but it can also worsen anxiety symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat and raised blood pressure.

Sugar is another comfort you may turn to in times of severe fatigue because you are convinced it will give you the energy you need to stay awake. Unfortunately sugar also inhibits your body’s supply and usage of vitamin B which is the stress fighting vitamin. Sugar may help you to feel better over a short period of time, but what you need to feel more energized over a long period is vitamin B. So instead of settling for a short term solution like coffee and sugar, rather choose a vitamin B supplement to help you get through the longest hours of your day.

Anxiety does not need to be your lifelong companion after it scared off the love of your life. It can be beaten and with just a little time and some small changes you and your partner will be steaming up the sheets once again.


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