Anxiety And Respiratory Problems

Anxiety And Respiratory Problems

Anxiety and respiratory problems have a very common connection. People that suffer from anxiety often complain of breathing problems and vice versa. People with respiratory problems often complain about anxiety. Oxygen is the breath of life, so it is understandable that respiratory issues can be a source of anxiety.

Anxiety And Respiratory ProblemsWhen you suffer from an anxiety attack, it can be disruptive to your breathing and that can add to the fear your already experiencing. What happens is your breathing becomes irregular, shallow and doesn’t quite do its job to bring oxygen to the body. This can bring on an even higher level of anxiety.

People who suffer from respiratory problems can have difficulty breathing and this triggers an anxiety attack. Then the anxiety triggers worse breathing problems and then more anxiety. Many times, extra oxygen and breathing treatments can help to prevent this problem.

In both cases, anxiety needs to be addressed in order to lessen the breathing difficulties. There are measures you can take to ease breathing and keep your lungs working as best they can. First, anxiety needs to be brought under control with relaxation techniques. Second, deep slow pursed lip breathing can help regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the body. Using these techniques can help to bring the body back into balance and ease the work of the lungs.

This is especially helpful for people who suffer from asthma and COPD. These are two conditions that can cause very high levels of anxiety. It is very scary when you feel like you cannot breathe and understandable that there is a certain amount of anxiety. If you are receiving proper treatment, the only thing you need to fear; is the anxiety itself.

Next time you have breathing difficulties with your anxiety or vice versa; try this technique:

Sit straight up in a chair with your hands in your lap. Take in a long, slow and deep breath through your nose and breathe out through pursed lips over a count of five. Focus on your breathing and not your anxiety. You will soon feel the anxiety begin to go away and feel your body fill up with oxygen.

During an anxiety attack, it is very important to remember to breathe correctly. It is also important to focus on your breathing when you have respiratory problems to prevent the anxiety of not getting enough air. Keep up with your treatments and medical appointments. With a little attention, you will be breathing easy while beating anxiety.


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