5 Effective Home Remedies That Ease Anxiety Attacks

5 Effective Home Remedies That Ease Anxiety Attacks

In the early 1900’s and long before that time, young girls learned how to sew by doing hand embroidery. These were often called “samplers” as many letters and decorative styles were used to enhance learning the art of hand stitching. Embroidery is a self-involved, relaxing activity that was further enhanced by tracing phrases on fabric with thread. The finished product would most frequently be hung in the girl’s own home after marriage.

Wise mothers picked the phrases. One old saying was, “Your Home is Your Castle.” That is not a literal truth, but it is emotionally true.1,2 Few people actually live in a castle. However, most people would rather be within their own home than in a cold, dark, stone castle. Emotionally, “The Home is Where The Heart Is,” is another sampler phrase. This one relates as to why, when we feel insecure, we head “home,” wherever that might be. Both phrases remind us that security is a state of mind.2 Accepting that premise, let us seek home remedies that will help to ease anxiety attacks. Home is where we feel safe, what better place to find the best anti-anxiety remedies? The following five have been reported to be helpful.

#1 Time With a Favorite Hobby

In the same way that embroidery is a self-involved, relaxing activity, there are many others at home. Some people like to garden, others like beadwork or painting. Whatever hobby creates a space of joy is the right option to reduce anxiety attacks.

#2 Meditation

Sitting quietly in a state of meditation is an excellent way to ease anxiety attacks. If you concentrate on deep, uniform breathing, and a “no mind” state, then peace is likely to follow. Self-hypnosis or biofeedback are additional options if you have had the training and/or equipment needed.

#3 Slow Directed Movements

There are several movements that can enhance a relaxing situation. Yoga is a primary one. There are instructors worldwide, and people can do the exercises all their lives at home. Tai Chi is another method of exercise that uses slow and deliberate movements that will encourage a state of peace. Judo is much faster, but might also be helpful.

#4 Just Dance!

Some victims of anxiety are better served by practicing dance movements from a slow waltz to the red hot Zumba. Exercise is very beneficial to those who respond positively to working out their muscles to enhance restfulness.

#5 More Breathing

Although meditation focuses on the breath, there is another advantageous way to ease anxiety attacks with breathing: aromatherapy. People respond differently to smells. For whatever reason, many women-experiencing menopause have found that sleep comes more easily if they inhale the smell of lavender. Young men and women are often invigorated by the smell of musk. However, some become calm. Smell is a very personal preference. Pick the smell of incense or oil extracts that you think are the most calming for your anxiety attacks.3


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