12 Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

12 Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

Homeopathy might seem like an odd approach for easing anxiety, but it works! Homeopathy has not been formally tested as much as some other methods. However, it is a well-established self-help therapeutic approach. Homeopathy has been used in the treatment emotional disorders with a great deal of success for those with mild to severe depression, panic disorders, or social phobias (anxiety).1 

When you are the victim, it is hard to imagine that a natural product will be as effective as in-patient care or strong prescription drugs. However, double-blind studies have had success with patients taking homeopathic medicines. Never the less, researchers felt that relief came often more as a result of the attention to the complaint than the actual product used.2 Feel confident that you can get the relief you want without resorting to strong pharmaceuticals with possible negative side effects.

Several researchers have stated that homeopathy was appropriate for anxiety. Observers reported these facts based on patient’s reported satisfaction. Some of the joy may be because obtaining it was easy, purchasing did not require a formal medical endorsement, and homeopathic medicine rarely had side effects3.

Choosing which homeopathic medicine to use is based entirely on the symptoms that are apparent in the person at the time they anticipate taking the medicine. If the symptoms change, the medicine has to also change. The statements below are broad guidelines only – NOT medical advice. Be sure to check with a trusted homeopathic reference guide for detailed insight or make an appointment with a homeopathic physician.

1. Silicea (or Silica) is appropriate for people who are normally capable, but are shy.  They are easily upset when a tiny detail has been overlooked.

2. Pulsatilla is typically used by people who appear insecure, clingy, or childish. It is great for children.

3. Phosphorus has been found as best used by excitable people who are easily startled.

4. Natrum muriaticum, those who are loners: private, reserved, or aloof respond well to this one.

5. Lycopodium typically helps those with very low self-confidence.

6. Kali phosphoricum is applied by jumpy personalities who may also have insomnia.

7. Ignatia amara is best used by a person suffering from grief, loneliness, or disappointment.

8. Gelsemium has been reported to work best for those feeling weakness, trembling or simply feeling mentally dull.

9. Calcare carbonica is for level headed people who have over extended themselves mentally or physically.

10. Arsenicum album most often helps those who are chronically worried about their health.

11. Argentum miticum is the best to ingest before a big test, interview, or other major event.

12. Aconitum napellus should be taken if a panic attack is the problem.

May these self-help solutions, behave like trusted friends.


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